Growing up is Tough

Back when I was in College I had this stupid, immature view that ALL things would just work out and no matter what I did I’d bounce back right away. This view was because.. it was always true. I just put my faith in God and sat there ignorant because I didn’t know I was going to be punished for having such an immature view on life and it’s successes.

Then I was kicked out of College because of my grades. I didn’t spend the time needed to make sure they were good, and if you don’t put your time in, then how can you expect things to come out the way you want them? Ignorance and Immaturity. Then I spent my time emotionally relying on one woman and I fell in love with her dramatically, but she tore me from limb to limb. It sent me spiraling at a really bad point in my life (Read a previous post) and I almost lost my life. So close. Then I decided to live for myself. Find the things that once made me happy and go for it, but then I was to realize that by putting so much of myself into that one woman, what had happened was that I lost pretty much everything that I loved about myself. It was awful to accept, and I just went on a deeper spiral. I couldn’t be around a woman that I was attracted to, hell, could barely be attracted to any other woman. I was and am still in Love with this woman. But, I’ve grown. A lot. I’ve made strides going towards happiness and found a little bit of it, but still in a funk that I can’t shake. I’m making really wonderful music that I didn’t know I was capable of, and in October I’ll be leaving for Denver, Colorado for 10 months in the AmeriCorps NCCC program to make a real difference in this world. Still, regardless of my accomplishments and the path I’ve set for myself, I can’t get her off my mind. I love her.

Relationships are tough.

Life is tough.

But what it really is, at the core of it. Making these decisions RIGHT..

Growing up is tough.


Erik V. Miller

The Early November… It’s Been YEARS for me :)

So… I first found The Early November in and around 2005 2006 on the onset of their triple album release of “The Mother, The Mechanic, and The Path” and immediately I fell for their story telling nature and pure recognition for the human soul through their creations. They made me feel like they were making moments and not just music, and that’s what changed my whole perspective on music in general. That you can do such things, that god gives us such a tool to convey something that we can barely do with words but yet try with another and another medium. But, Regardless of my mini rant, here comes more on what I was talking about. 




I found this last night and I am just encapsulated with this! Wow. The pictures they paint, the great layering of their percussion with the other instruments, and just the whole idea of “making Moments and not JUST Music”. I could continue on, but I will plant here and say this..


The Early November really shaped a lot of my musical tastes in my formidable years and then pushed me to search for more, to search for something outside of the box that wasn’t what Top 40 told me to listen to and with that you find a gritty, real sound that I truly enjoy. I’m quite ecstatic to find this album, I just can’t believe I haven’t heard it until now. 


Have a good Night/Whatever time you are reading this My Friends,

Erik V. Miller

Depression and the Downfall of The Individual

When you hear the word “Depression” What do you automatically think?

“Not a Strong Person”

“A Person who makes Excuses”

“They can’t accept their circumstances so they blame the problem’s on something else”

But, those playing the blame game happen to be incorrect.

Slowly Slipping..

So it began on a binge of days without sleep and not really noticing why. I wasn’t all that tired, but my body was for sure reacting to the lack there. The sleeplessness continued and continued until I noticed a pattern. All the nights I couldn’t sleep were mostly correlated to the fact that within myself there was an inner-turmoil, something that I just couldn’t take. Week after week this would happen. My days were short and my nights…blended into my days. I don’t know. More Crabby I became, more stern, emotionless, heavy eyes but no want for sleep. With previous anger issues came an influx of testosterone it seemed, because all I wanted to do was fight and to be honest, just stab someone quite literally. But, that’s when all this plateaued and from there it all shattered..

  The Downfall of the Individual

…I’ve been up all night..Crying…screaming aimlessly with the music shattering my ear drums… A well worn switch blade with blood stains from years back when I used it for some things I am not proud of. The closer this comes to my skin the less anxious I become for some odd reason, but yet I pursue. With a relentless feeling of awe I just want to tear into my flesh and let all my blood pour onto the ground that seems to forever trap me in this place, but I pull away. There’s a light very vaguely in the distance, that I know, but it just seems so far off. Like it would never even come. These feelings…I don’t know where they came from, just so erratic and out of control. They keep me up at night and up for days. I feel no need to live some days, but then I see her face. Her smile and the cute little way she rubs her face against mine when she’s sleepy, it’s just beautiful. She makes me see the worth inside of me. Sometimes I just think that I’m not much to anyone and to myself, I am for sure not much of anything. But I see this light, not just her, as she plays a big role in this, but I see that I am transforming into something bigger, something larger for me. I just have to see it and take the trip to where it’s supposed to go. I am on my way. I’ve now seen the bottom and know what the top of this emotional train feels like, so I’m looking for a level plain.           Positivity. I’m working on this.

It’s a Battle..

Depression effects a large number of us no matter where you go, but when it touches someone close to you or yourself is the only time is makes an impact on you. If you feel a friend is being effected by this then please talk to them. Don’t confront them about their depression, but just speak to them and offer to spend time with them, that’s all we want and need. The more time alone the more time we feel we are not worth anything and that no one truly cares about us even if that isn’t true.

This is a hard road and sometimes It can lead to something much worse if you don’t take this by the horns and control your own life. Positivity and Productivity. Two keys for this. Stay busy and stay Positive.

It’s about time for me to attempt to go to sleep, but this time I have something very positive to look forward to. Spending the rest of the weekend and some of next week with the one woman who matters most in my life. Stephanie Elise MacIntyre.

My Regards,

Erik V. Miller

Do What You Love or Don’t Do Anything At All

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Kanye West & That Real

Wow. I am very impressed by this guy, always have been. But this time it’s insightful, peering inward to something more malleable, but something so organic and true. I enjoy this very much.

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Hater’s Gon’ Hate..Hoe’s Say Goodbye.. Imma Be ME Till’ The Day That I Die!

HATERS! lmao

So the internet is a breeding ground for these pathetic lowlives that creep on everything someone has done just to put it down. I can understand that maybe you don’t enjoy it, and letting someone know politely that you don’t enjoy it is okay..but destroying something someone put their heart and soul into is just thoughtless and hurtful. I am by far not saying that these hater’s hurt me or something, but I’m saying that you should respect someone’s craft. I know I’m not lord of what I do nor do I claim to be, but there are a lot of people that honestly love what I do and love to hear what I come up with and that keeps me going.

But YOU.. The Hater’s.. You Keep me going! Every time one of you trolls puts a comment up, every time some fool with a guitar negative’s a video, and every time one of you mindless, senseless, drones of the media with nothing else positive to do with your day tries to call me out.. I write a song! :) So.. I got a lot of songs, Thanks Haters :)

But.. I wanted to be appreciative of all the little muses you’ve been for me over this time frame and… I WROTE YOU A SONG!!!! :) HURRAY!

It will be released on the next project, “Youth:EP”, and it’s just wonderful :) So, I can’t wait for y’all to hear it :)

Have a good day to my actual fans and to the haters, Keep inspiring me to always be better than you!

Gotta Love the Haters!

My Regards,

Erik V. Miller

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Contribution to Drake’s Take Care & The Love For Toronto

So, I plan to keep this a bit short for my reasoning that My ADHD isn’t helping too much lol. 


But, Drake has certainly Certified himself in the recent years as being one of the top in the Hip Hop game and in my opinion His album “Take Care” was and is a complete masterpiece. It has impressed me since the pre-releases and still to this day it continues to inspire me to write better and more concise with my Hip Hop for exactly the feeling I am trying to convey. 

Further so, i did not realize how much of Toronto really went into this album. The many A&r’s, producers, Managers, artists, and Photographers that all reside or come from Toronto and the surrounding areas. Drake says in the liner notes of “Take Care”:

 “I haven’t spent this much time here since 40 and I were recording So Far Gone at 15 Fort York and I was living in the blue basement on Coulson Avenue. I began to remember the way certain places and people made me feel, and it became so apparent what the content of this album needed to be. I tried my best to make the soundtrack to our lives in this city…I hope I made you all proud.”

An impressive artist who continually gives me a spark to write better and to give my all as an artist, an artist that has such love for his city. I love Canada for what it is and one day it will be my home, but for now I will admire from afar (unless I’m in Ontario with My Girl :))

Drake and Toronto, a great combination, and his love for his city is a great inspiration.




My Regards,

Erik V. Miller

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25,000 Miles (Prod. StraidNova)

Check out a single from Just Call Me… E | Vol. 1!

Just Call Me… E | Vol. 1′s Release! march 28th, 2013


So the time has come.. well, it already came lmao. March 28th, 2013 Just Call Me… E | Vol. 1 was finally released. First leaked to Soundcloud and things went crazy! Then finally got it up on the official download page, which you can get here:

Then I went on the crusade of getting it up on a million other sites, and as I write this I am still putting it up and getting more fans. So, I do hope you enjoy what you hear on this mixtape and I do have a lot more coming. Be prepared. Follow me on twitter! Erik V. Miller’s Official Twitter

So thanks for being a fan! 

- E

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New Demo! Born To Be The Greatest!

New Demo! Born To Be The Greatest!

This is a New Demo of MIne I had just laying around!

Autotune… And the General Public

So I’m sure ya’ll have heard this song right?


So, T-Pain didn’t invent Autotune by far and it has been around for so many years but so many accredit that invention with him. What he did was a creative use of a software that originally was used to help artists stay in tune for practice and also for final production. He took a lot of time to craft it and make it perfect so that when he had his settings correct he could then do something that not only was good for pitch but also had a sound that was so different than the norm that helped to raise his fame.

Because of T-Pain’s fame and the accreditation of Autotune only being with the way that he used it the general public see anything that they hear with even an inkling of ambiance that could make them think of T-Pain’s use of Autotune as bad in technique and not really singing correctly. So, let’s take this for instance.

Okay, I’m not really a fan of her, but this is where I get a bit annoyed.

SHE IS NOT USING AUTOTUNE! I will say this once and please listen. I see all these comments on this video that go on and on about how she is using it and she truly is not. She is using filters and double layered vocals to get that sound so that it adds so much ambiance and such a deep sound that is truly great. I’m not saying that I’m a fan like I said, but I am saying that people need to recognize what is the actual use of Autotune for it’s intended purpose, which is what people are supposedly complaining about, and what is the use of filters and other effects on regular vocals to get such a feel on a track.

So, I’m sorry, I went in a bit, but I just get annoyed when people just don’t understand the difference between the two. Well, thank you for reading and I hope maybe you learned something or you are also as annoyed as I am with this over use of the term being applied to something it is not.

- E



Pursuit of happiness Cover by Lissie


There is so much damn passion in this cover, she even takes a shot of tequila (but bad tequila, kind of a tequila snob lol) before she starts. This blows my mind, I’m so in love with this! Hope ya’ll like it too!

Eric Benet Feat…. 2 CHAINZ!?! WTF!

Can you tell me what made Eric Benet decide to just grab a rapper and put him on his Jazzy Music?!? WOW! You have been warned.


These Kids Don’t Stand a Chance Ft. Vampire Weekend

My New Track! Check it out!

It’s been a while, but I’m Going HARD this year!

Hey Guys!

So, I’ve been down and out and life has been kicking my ass, but I’m back! I’m going hard with shows this year and tons of music to be released! A 24 track mixtape to be released within the week or two! Can’t wait for ya’ll to hear it!

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Check it out!!

My New Track Demo Featuring Chambers John!

Show Tonight!

So, it’s been a minute. But, VSMG (Vibrant Sounds Media Group), which includes Chambers John, BCrafty, & Erik V. Miller, had a show on tuesday but also have one tonight, tomorrow, and then saturday. The Main Stage on Friday and Saturday we are in the Best of the Best show! It’s at 25 South Division Avenue Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504! Come check us out! I guarantee you will LOVE IT! :) 7pm every night! We will be playing hip hop to pop music, everything for everyone! Come out! :) 

My Travels (The Summer Interlude) Posted!


Check out this link and there is the download to my newest Mixtape!

My Travels (The Summer Interlude) Drops Tonight!!

So, I have had some set backs and some things that have gotten in my way from recording and get everything together. But, as of today everything is done and edited and I’ve got all of the extras done as well :) Just have to get the logo for the Label Hosting My Mixtape “VSMG” or “Vibrant Sounds Media Group”. Once I recieve the label and put it on my album artwork.. It’s going to be EVERYWHERE! :) So, get hyped! I can’t explain how excited I am!



I Do (Need You) Ft. Stephanie MacIntyre Rough Demo Pre-Release :)

This will be the 4th Track on the Mixtape entitled “My Travels (The Summer Interlude)”. It’s kind of a break between the hip hop and stuff and a mix between hip hop and pop and acoustic music. I have a lot of fun with this. This will be edited substantially and some tambourine added also at certain parts. The Final Mixtape will not be released for a little bit, keep updated on So, if the quality sounds off, please tell me what you think. Some of the piano hits are off and a lot of other things, so just let me know what you think. That’s me playing all of the instruments and singing featuring my beautiful girlfriend Stephanie MacIntyre. :) Thanks!


it’s been a MInute!

Hey guys! 

Just posting something for the sake of posting. Will have some great stuff coming soon!


- Erik

Mac Miller and his “Mix-take”

So, from my reading around the internet I have seen many accounts of the $10 million dollar lawsuit against Mac Miller for his song “Kool-aid and Frozen Pizza (The Kool-aid song)” which was featured on his MIXTAPE K.I.D.S. I am appalled at the idea that someone can be sued for using an instrumental on a MIXTAPE. From this I am saying that no one makes any real money off a mixtape. Okay, Drake built a carrer and toured off a mixtape, but come on, what really would be the likeliness of this happening for every rapper out here? So, did Mac’s carrer come off of that mixtape? No. To be honest, I don’t like the song and don’t like the mixtape, so even though I stand to be on his side, it is not because I enjoy the song or mixtape. 


Now, I can see that by “owning” (Do we REALLY own ANYTHING in today’s society?) something we will fight for use of something we do own, but if you don’t respond to repeated requests of use then why couldn’t he just proceed? 


A Mixtape. What does that word really mean anymore? 

Well, it means to me FREE expression of artwork. FREE interpretation of another’s work. FREE Movement of Music in loo of trying to get your name out there and to do it for the love of the music (Well, the love of music thing comes from me, but everyone has their own motives). Thus, I am saying that his “Mix-take” was to make a music video for the song? Well, yes and no. Because he was criticized for making a video as in he was actually making money on this, but this was perceived wrong. 


Overall, people tend to get “handsy” when they believe that another is making money on something that they “own” and they tend to try and take what they believe to be theirs. I am not going to touch upon the credibility of the artist/producer who is charging Mac Miller and their support in the scene of today, but I will say that when you do not get much eye in the public you do want to find a way to make it. How long ago was that released? I mean, come on, you knew he used that before he even used it because he contacted you on Twitter, don’t act up now.


I personally am not a fan of Mac Miller (only like a few songs) and I am not defending him because I like him obviously, yet, I am defending him for the reasoning that he deserves the credit for what he did over that song because he took it in a new direction. He put it on a MIXTAPE, something made with freedom of expression and thought, and he is entitled to use something for the freedom of the music and ideals even if it is “owned” by another because he is not doing it to gain any kind of monetary value, yet doing it to show the world a side of him.

Coming from a rapper, this just bothers me. I’ve used many established artists instrumentals for my songs, but I am not gaining ANY money whatsoever, so why should I get sued? I may make a music video and spend money on that (not likely, would do it for free) but I still would not gain any money off of that, just would give me some credit and spread my name larger, and that was ALL Mac Miller did.


All in all, Mac Miller did nothing to deserve a lawsuit in such a hefty amount and to just do this to better his career (Mac and his song) and still get this is awful. I am tired of Greedy individuals. I know this world is full of them, but damn, can we be kind to our brothers even when they make “Mix-takes”?  


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